That's the name of a new book written by an Army veteran and Certified Financial Planner. He's Steve Repak, CFP and the subtitle of Repak's book is "Basic Training For Your Money". This Army vet has quite a story to tell. After serving 12 years in the Army, he left the service with $32,000 in credit card debt, and Repak claims by using his military background and experience as a Certified Financial Planner, he was able to change his own finances by getting out of debt and building his savings using the same concepts he includes in his book. Author Repak has some interesting concepts in this read, one being his unorthodox 10-10-80 rule. This is not to be confused with former presidential candidate Herman Cain's 9999999 or whatever is was. According to Repak, the 10-10-80 rule means that you should give first, save next and then live off the rest. I'm not certain whom or what one is supposed to "give" to, and if it means "give to your creditors", I'm not sure how many of us will have anything left over to "save", not to mention "living off the rest". What if there is NOTHING to save, never mind "living off the rest", although our government seems to be applying this principle and they've been in business for over 200 years. In other words, don't worry and fret over today's (Friday) job and unemployment numbers, go out and "give" to a bookstore for your copy of "Dollars & Uncommon Sense-Basic Training For Your Money". I think it is a worthwhile read. Better yet, visit the website: I'm the Puffman and I have NEVER been accused of having ANY common sense!