I've been trying to keep an eye on crops down south because as I blogged here before, what happens down south and out in Kansas, will soon be happening in North Central Montana here in the Golden Triangle. The report that I was reading earlier today (Monday) says that the crops in the south are ripening fast. How fast? About 2 weeks earlier than expected. Down in Texas, they say that by the beginning of the 3rd week in May, that their harvest will begin. A producer in the panhandle of Oklahoma, south of Liberal, Kansas reports that he had an adjuster out for an oil-well location and he adjusted the crop at 51 bushels! Old Mr. Rust is still the primary concern of the producers but it will be a wait and see proposition to determine if the spraying was worth it or not. I would submit that it probably was. Most producers say it is a stem-rust instead of the leaf-rust from last year. The Kansas crops are reportedly looking good. I DO want to get some kind of handle on what's going on down in Colorado and I'll do that in a future blog. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this update and I also hope my friend, Jim Anderson, at Grizzy Sports in Choteau isn't upset with me...I'm the Puffman...for using the word "LIBERAL" in my blog.