I mean "way down"...like "down south! My farmer friend Gunsmoke-Gary Gollehon has been in touch with the southern producers and you know those guys. A snow storm has recently left Colorado, Kansas, and Northern Oklahoma, giving them ample moisture and big drifts in some areas. The winter wheat reportedly looks good and the cattle are out mooing and grazing on it, which is a necessary item, since the summer drought left the livestock producers with not much hay AND imported hay most expensive! Southern Oklahoma and Texas received rain instead of snow. One fellow down in Vernon, Texas says they had 6 tenths of an inch recently and that the winter wheat there looks good and the moisture profile also is looking good. One concern that I keep hearing is: the hiring of a crew, with all the high wages that are talked about in the oil patch and what help will be available to make the trip south this year. I might just buy a water truck myself, pick up my friend Jim Anderson down at Grizzly Sports in Choteau, quit the Puffman Blog, and head to the oilfields. Why not, I'm halfway there now...I mean, my address is already on OILfield Avenue!