It's a beautiful book and presentation and the author of "Dreams with Horses" will be my special guest tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at 4:35 on the Puffman Show. She's Rachel M. Jessop and she lives across the mountains over in Hamilton, Montana. Rachel says "her deepest desire is to bless my daughter, the horses, all people young at heart who are looking to reach their dreams, and especially the orphans who deserve to have a brighter future". I'll be giving away a copy of Rachel's book tomorrow right after the interview, but when anyone who goes out and purchases "Dreams with Horses", 10% of the proceeds will go to the charity "Horses for Orphans". Currently operating in Brazil and India and enabling children who live in orphanages to experience joy and healing of their hearts through interacting with horses. As I said, the book itself is a beautiful presentation and I've enjoyed talking briefly with Rachel on the phone when I scheduled this interview. The woman is originally from Auckland, New Zealand, and when I first heard her voice, I figured if it was a little bit deeper, she could be the guy who does the Geico car insurance commercials! What brought her from Auckland, New Zealand to Hamilton/Missoula, Montana? I'll ask her tomorrow on the Puffman Show. In the meantime, check out "Dreams with Horses", it's a very nice captivating read.