My special guest this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:35 is Joanne Harvey. Joanne is a medical social worker and an expert in hospice care. She's also the author of "Dying to Live: Embracing the Journey", a book dealing with the human experiences at the end of life. In my opinion, it's not really a "downer book" but rather a collection of inspirational true life stories about people living with terminal illness and Joanne's book includes tools and resources that help solve end of life problems. Joanne has been my guest before and she's a delightful, positive, upbeat person to talk with. Joanne tells me that Montana is one of her favorite states. She's developed a direct market company called "Damselfly" that specializes in clothing and equipment for women who fly fish. It was the first in the country and one of her favorite destinations to try out the products she sold was and still IS Montana. As the Executive Producer of The Old Fishing Hole, it was as easy as falling off a log to invite this woman back to my afternoon program. Me? I'm dying to interview Joanne Harvey once again!