With this glorious Fourth of July weekend here, I'd like encourage adults and children alike to be careful with and around fireworks. Being in my business for so many years, it has always bothered me when I had to read "over the air" a news story dealing with a person or persons being injured on because  of fireworks. Granted that life itself is a risk but I truly believe that some things can be prevented and  need not happen. There is nothing sadder than hearing on the news or reading in the paper the morning after the fourth of July that someone has lost some fingers, a limb, or even worse. These are all sad, preventable tragedies that will scar that person or persons and their family for a lifetime. Please enjoy the fireworks this Fourth of July but don't take any unnecessary risks. This is one time when "common sense" should be front and center. I know of what I am speaking, I was injured as a youth in an unnecessary fire works snafu. This year will be rather quiet for me anyway. I'm so broke that I'll probably just sit around and "pop" my knuckles. It should be safe anyway. On a serious note, don't forget to keep your pets indoors.