The infamous Helen Elliot (see last Sunday's Trib) from the PAC (Pondera Arts Council) will be stopping by the Puffman Show this afternoon (Wednesday) at 2:30 and I can't wait to hear more about "Conrad's Fabulous Local Talent Show" scheduled for this Sunday afternoon at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre in Conrad. Curtain time will be at 3 with a fabulous showcase of family friendly local talent. I'll blog more about who's going to be in the show in a future Puffman Blog. The important thing now is that we all should attend this Sunday because besides the great entertainment and fun, the proceeds are going toward the Orpheum's digital movie equipment project. They don't make 8 tracks anymore and they're not going to make movies on film much longer either. (my 8 track still works in the truck but I can't buy tapes for the danged thing). Our local small town movie venues who wish to remain in business and, in my opinion, MUST stay in business, are looking at an expenditure in the neighborhood of $70,000 for this new movie format. It is a considerable expense and while the "chain companies" can do it, it's a cumbersome burden on the small independent operators. Too many folks have done and contributed so much for so long to get the Orpheum up and running and given us the theatre that it is today. We are very blessed to have something like this in our communities. The Pondera Arts Council has done so much for all of us here in the Golden Triangle and now it's our turn to do what we can as they take on this tremendous expenditure. It's Sunday at 3 at the Orpheum in Conrad, it's going to be great fun entertainment and I hope to see many of you there. In the meantime Helen, we're all looking forward to your visit today (Wednesday) on the Puffman Show!