In today's MSU Extension Minute, Pondera County Agent Wendy Wedum mentioned a couple of websites packed with information about packing safe school lunches.

Click HERE to download a pdf brochure on "Safe School Lunches" from, or click HERE for the full list of food safety brochures from this website.

The other website Wendy mentioned is BeFoodSafe.Org. To access that website, click HERE.

Remember: Today is the deadline to register for two workshops the MSU Extension Service will conduct next week. Learn 6 ways to preserve apples. You'll get hands-on instruction in making apple jelly, applesauce, apple pie filling and fruit leather, along with how to properly freeze and dry apples (apple chips are one of my favorite snacks!). The cost for the workshop is just $10. To register, contact the Pondera Co. Extension Office at 271-4054 or the Toole Co. Extension Office at 424-