If you are a Facebook user you are probably familiar with the new trend of "Confession Pages".  I have come across many confession pages including but not limited to; Hi-Line Confessions, Shelby High School Confessions, Montana Confessions, Great Falls Confessions, Rez Confessions.....I could go on and on.  These Confession pages are very interesting to me and grab my attention.  I am not sure if I am drawn to reading them out of curiosity or if it is just solid entertainment with a dash of frustration.  The pages generally have a lot of bullying on them but also bring some honesty to the table.  Some kids or adults use the pages to bash someone and other people use them to vent or confess their love toward another person.  I see a lot of posts saying these pages should be taken down, or these aren't real confessions they are just people bullying.  If you get a chance take a glace at a page that is from your area and I have a feeling you will be amazed at what people have the audacity to post!