Did you know that failing at exercise is all part of success? We often have to try a few times when it comes to changing how we live and sliding back to old behaviors is part of the process.

The following tips are in recognition of National Worksite Wellness Week compliments of Montana Chamber Choices.


13 Easy Ways To Move More

1. Do light chores while you talk on a cordless phone at home.

2.  Take your dog out one more time each day.

3.  Try to do one errand on foot at least once a week.

4.  Replace conference room discussions with outdoor "walking meetings".

5.  Carry your own full grocery bags from the store to the car.

6.  Stroll around the entire shopping mall once before you enter a store.

7.  Stand whenever you can.  It burns twice as many calories as sitting.

8.  Go into the bank instead of using the drive-through window.

9.  Take the stairs instead of an elevator whenever possible.

10. Visit a park or museum instead of going to a movie.

11. Walk around the block when you go to get the mail.

12. At least once a week, turn off the television and do a family activity - WII anyone?

13. When you do watch TV, do sit-ups, push-ups, and lift hand weights during commercials.

It's easy to get moving....you just need the motivation.