That's what the Green Acres song says and I've been in touch with my friend, Gary Gollohon east of Brady. Gary lives on Hells Gulch Road and I've been suggesting for years that they change the name to "Gollohon Drive. Farmer Gary has been in touch with the custom cutters and tells me that they finished harvesting in the Denver area and have been in the Forsyth area harvesting malt barley for about a week. This comes as "good news" for those of us who enjoy the amber brew. The Denver crops averaged about 54 bushels per acre. At Forsyth the crew is harvesting irrigated barley, running a little over 100, but disappointing to the producer as he was hoping for around 130. The elevator is taking up to 40% thins, as there are quite a few thins and the malsters (a jolly group) are worried about total malt production. The cutters are almost ready to start their trek to the Conrad area as I write this Puffman blog. They are finishing up at Forsyth and calling it "The Forsyth Finish" and will begin pulling their machines out, bringing one up to see how ripe things are here in the Golden Triangle. Harvest time is always an important time to both farmers and city folk alike.