I received a report earlier today (Tuesday) with news from Todd, the custom cutter guy. As I blogged last week, Todd & the crew are up north (Southern Alberta) these days on "The Reserve" (the Blood Indian Reservation). There's plenty of fire activity in that area. Downed power lines were the culprit this time. The boys stopped combining, for fear of starting fires. Todd said that the wind took canola swaths & blew them into piles taller than his pickup & he figured there were thousands of dollars worth of crop lost due to wind damage. They are harvesting crops that have hail damage & are running from 20 to 40 bushels in the same field, depending on how severe the hail damage. Talking with his southern customers, they are telling him that there has been no rain & nothing predicted for the near future. Ken Adderholt, down in Texas thinks he might attempt seeding some winter wheat on some some sandier soil, but producer Goyler in Oklahoma is not real excited about seeding anything at present. The Linnenbergs, down in the Denver area have 6500 acres of corn about ready for harvest & Tall Todd is thinking of taking one of his combining machines down there to help with the harvest. I'll keep you posted on my Puffman Blog.