I can hardly believe I used that word because I have grown to hate it.  Neither Republicans or Democrats have offered a viable solution to the looming crisis.  Both sides, one way or the other have simply been arguing over  how to raise more money from us.

I mention it leaves me "Wishin' and Hopin" the Title of the Classic Dusty springfield song, because I had recently thought about God's church That I attend here in Shelby.    The Living Faith Baptist Church has worked to build a church for about the last five years.   First saving the money to pay for land and now saving to pay for a building and doing well.  Since the scriptures say that the borrower is "slave" to the lender, the church has determined to not be indebted to a building but rather wait for God's timing to have enough to pay for it.   And nobody had to tax the body, every penny was given by the people freely.

Is that too much to ask for Federal, State, County and local government and even we in our personal lives to run the budget.  Probably too simple, but it's a thought.