Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, is getting fired up to commence his world famous tousr of Brooklyn & is NOW available for 2014 bookings. Don't bother to bring along your cell phone along as Peter tells me that he's not big on the idea of cell phone use in public transportation. The Gab Man will be joining me this afternoon (Tuesday) at a quarter to 5 on the Puffman Show. As Brooklyn resident Ralph Kramden would say, "Pete's a regular riot"! The Driver-Of-The-Yellow-Mobile-Conveyance-Lounge has a "STRANGE" about an 85 year old man getting sued for beating up a New York City cop. At least it was a cop & NOT a cabdriver! Pete's a regular sports nut like myself, but he's all against the upcoming Super Bowl. I'll be asking Pete how a New York City cabdriver spends his Thanksgiving when I talk with him this afternoon. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the man has NO "Celebrity Sighting" this week outside of getting to talk to me, the Puffman! Check out his True Tales at: & find out how he really feels about the late JFK. I'm not sure if he's more upset with the Superbowl OR JFK...who knows. See you later today at 4:45 with the Crabby Cabby!