Campfires Only Allowed in Front Country
NPS Photo

WEST GLACIER, MONT. – As of Wednesday, August 12, campfires will not be allowed in the back country of Glacier National Park.  Campfires will continue to be allowed only in designated sites in front country campgrounds. 

Glacier National Park Superintendent Jeff Mow said, “The park is experiencing extreme fire conditions and to help reduce the risk of fire, we are implementing fire restrictions for our back country campgrounds and recreation sites.”   Mow continued, “The back country restrictions will help to protect public and employee safety, as well as protect park resources and facilities.”   
Only liquid petroleum or LPG-fueled stoves, lanterns or heating devices will be allowed in back country campgrounds in Glacier National Park. 
At this time, campfires are only allowed in park-provided metal or concrete fire rings located in front country campgrounds in Glacier National Park.  These campgrounds include:
Bowman Lake
Cut Bank
Fish Creek
Kintla Lake
Logging Creek
Many Glacier
Quartz Lake
Sprague Creek
St. Mary
Two Medicine

PLEASE NOTE- Stage 1 fire restrictions remain in effect for Northwest Montana.  Stage I fire restrictions apply to campfires and smoking.  During Stage I, “Building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire or campfire” is prohibited unless noted in the exemptions. Exemptions include fires fueled solely by liquid petroleum or LPG, or other activities for which there is a permit or written authorization. In addition to the campfire restrictions, smoking is prohibited unless within an enclosed vehicle, building, or in an area three feet in diameter, that is barren or cleared of all flammable materials.  Stage 1 restrictions apply to: