The Thompson Fire on the west side of Cut Bank Pass in Glacier National Park. (GNP Photo)

Fire Update: The Thompson Fire is located in a remote south-central backcountry area of Glacier National Park about 15 miles east of the West Glacier entrance and 12 miles southwest of the Saint Mary entrance. The fire is burning in the Thompson Creek and Nyack Creek Drainages west of Medicine Grizzly Peak where the Flathead and Glacier Counties border follows the Continental Divide.

The  Northern Rockies Type II Incident Management Team has assumed management of the fire.

The safety of public and incident personnel is the highest priority on all incidents. Aerial resources are being used on the Thompson Fire to attempt to control fire spread. Ground resources are being used on a limited basis at this time due to remote, rugged terrain and the lack of safety zones in the area.

The National Park Service’s Upper Nyack Backcountry Patrol Cabin was threatened by the fire. Helicopter water drops were successful in protecting the structure when the fire burned around it. The Lower Nyack Backcountry Patrol Cabin is still threatened by the fire. Firefighters have wrapped the structure and set up a sprinkler system to protect it.

Fire Restrictions:

Glacier National Park is under Stage I Fire Restrictions. Campfires are not allowed in the back country of Glacier National Park. Campfires are still allowed in developed campgrounds that have park-provided concrete or metal fire rings.


Going to the Sun Road is open 24-hours a day

Trail Closures:

  • Siyeh Pass Trail, from Siyeh Pass to Sun Rift Gorge
  • Sunrift Gorge, Saint Mary Falls, and Virginia Falls
  • Red Eagle Trail, towards Saint Mary Falls
  • Otokomi Trail
  • Coal Creek Trail
  • Nyack Creek Trail
  • Cutbank Pass Trail, in the Nyack drainage
  • Park Creek to Coal Creek cutoff trail
  • Dry Fork Trail, from Pitamakan Pass to Two Medicine Campground trailhead and Two Medicine Entrance
  • Morning Star Trail, from Cutbank Auto Campground to Pitamakan Pass
  • Atlantic Creek Trail, from Cutbank Auto Campground to Triple Divide Pass
  • Medicine Grizzly Lake Trail
  • Dawson Pass Trail / North Shore of Two Medicine Lake
  • North Shore Two Medicine Junction to Dawson / Pitamakan
  • Upper Two Medicine Lake Trail

Campground Closures:

  • Cutbank Frontcountry Campground
  • Rising Sun Frontcountry Campground
  • Otokomi Backcountry Campground
  • Reynolds Backcountry Campground
  • Lower Nyack Backcountry Campground
  • Upper Nyack Backcountry Campground
  • Beaver Woman Lake Backcountry Campground
  • Nyack/Coal Creek Camping Zone
  • Coal Creek Backcountry Campground
  • Atlantic Creek Backcountry Campground
  • Morning Star Backcountry Campground
  • Oldman Lake Backcountry Campground
  • No Name Backcountry Campground
  • Upper Two Medicine Lake Backcountry Campground