"Tall" Todd, the custom harvester fellow who comes up to our Golden Triangle every harvest season, along with his crew, is on his way WEST to Texas. They're moving to the northern most part of the panhandle of Texas, which is a town call Perryton, "The Wheat Heart of the Nation." The boys finished up in Seiling & Clinton, Oklahoma, with crops averaging about 12 bushels. They had a ton of rain (sound familiar?) & the weeds are busting out all over with the warm weather & all they've been experiencing. A weed called "Moss weed", which is real liquidey & a real pain to deal with is giving the guys fits. There's still plenty of wheat standing in Oklahoma, with only 67% of the crop left in the field. A big bunch of canola was planted to try to gain control of the volunteer rye. There's quite a bit of canola that has been swathed down & a lot of it left standing, which will be sprayed out & plowed down. It's about a 120 mile move to Perryton & the "Talkative" Todd hopes the grain will be dry enough there, with hopes of only being around those parts about 3 days & then moving on to Leoti, Kansas. The farmers in Perryton think their crops are going to be about 24 bushels. In Clinton, farmer "Lonesome" Larry Goyer averaged 16.3 bushels & best field ran 22 bushels. They are finishing up in Seiling & while they got started around 8 in the morning, the truck driver hadn't gotten a load at 11:30. Todd says he is charging 29 per acre & he charged the farmer what the yield of 4 bushels was. It is 94 degrees with a humid southwest wind of 45 mph. Todd will be giving another update once they get rolling with the machines in Perryton. I'll keep you posted on my Puffman Blog...or should I say, My "JERRY-Ton blog!