Here's a difficult bargain: How do you think about plea bargains if YOU'VE been FALSELY accused of a crime? In the new book that I'll be giving away this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:30 on Puffman Musical Trivia, author Michelle Lombardi Gesse writes that IF you have been falsely accused of committing a crime, you can expect to be offered a plea bargain at some point. In her book, "Bogus Allegations; The Injustice of Guilty Until Proven Innocent", Gesse explains what you need to know about plea bargains if you face this difficult decision. With a house full of guns, why WOULD you take a 5 pound handgun with a 14 inch barrel & a cumbersome scope to go threaten someone? Especially when the gun only holds one bullet. AND then to have to answer to a felony charge because someone said this gun was concealed in the back of your pants! "Bogus Allegations" is the true story of the spiral down into the justice system where one is considered by everyone to be guilty until proven innocent. It's a powerful read & takes place in Boulder, Colorado, through the eyes of the "perpetrator's" wife who had to maintain her courage through 7 long months of the conditions of her husband's bail: daily alcohol testing (no wine with dinner), no leaving the state, & regularly scheduled meetings with a drug counselor. Be the 1st caller in this afternoon at 4:30 with the correct answer to my Puffman Musical Trivia question & win "Bogus Allegations: The Injustice of Guilty Until Proven Innocent" by Michelle Lombardi Gesse. The book was just released in March & is available at bookstores nationwide, from major online booksellers, & at As I like to say, "This is America, you can't buy justice, but you can rent it if you've got enough money"! See you this afternoon on Puffman Musical Trivia in the 4 o'clock hour.