N.A.I.D. Youth Days kick off next Thursday, July 10th, at the Camp Ground. All youth with an adult will have the opportunity to earn tickets for use on amusements. These tickets are earned by taking part in 15 to 20 minute presentations each day from noon until 6. The amusements include: 4 Man Bungee, 3 Trampolines, & 2 Inflated Jumpers. There's some ladder & balancing action going on also! N.A.I.D. Youth Days begin next Thursday & run through Sunday, the 13th. Speaking of bungee jumping...I'm planning on bungee jumping myself from the #3 tower out at our transmitter site along side Interstate 15 this September as I celebrate my birthday AND 53 years in broadcasting! In the meantime, hope to see you at N.A.I.D. Youth Days over at the CampGground next week.