Google's new privacy policy has definite downsides for users, even though Google is doing its best not to mention them. There are still big, big privacy holes in Google. That's why my special guest at 4:35 this afternoon (Tuesday) on the Puffman Show says. And she should know, she's an attorney, privacy advocate and BLOGGER! She's Sarah A. Downey and it sounds like attorney Downey has some "downers" for us this afternoon. She says Google's destroying pseudonymous identity, meaning you can be one person/identity on one Google site and another one somewhere else. This really doesn't concern me because I'm the Puffman ALL the time! Lawyer Downey also believes that people should absolutely delete their MySpace accounts, not only because the site is dead, but because no one uses it anymore. Now that I'm a real blogger and my radio show streams on the internet, I'm anxious to find out as much as I can about this internet deal. I, at one time, thought it would blow over, but that appears not to be the case. (I thought the same thing about FM radio) This lady lawyer also says Facebook isn't a safe place to post your personal information. And forget about hitting "delete"...Facebook still stores everything you've ever done on its servers and they have hundreds of pages of info on each person , from pokes to de-friending to event RSVP's. I'll be looking forward to talking with attorney Sarah A. Downey this afternoon on the Puffman Show. In the meantime, like the Animals tune says, "Don't bring me down".