"Talkative" Todd, the custom cutter guy who comes up here to our Golden Triangle every harvest season is in the Vernon, Texas area this week & Todd reports that his custom cutter guys had begun to harvest, but had to QUIT(!) because of "too much green!" They HAD harvested enough to get an idea what it was yielding, which was around 17.7 bushels; test weight was 57.3 pounds & NO protein, as the elevators down in Texas do not pay for protein. The moisture on the dry grain was 11% to 12.5%, but the green was wet at 15 to 16% moisture. Todd, who is TALL, said the grain is SHORT & that they are scrubbing the ground after it. The outside temperature is around 95 degrees, so Todd, the boss man, is hoping in a day or two that they can continue on with the harvest. Some of the poorer grain has been put up for hay & other has been zeroed out by crop insurance, as low as 4/10 of a bushel yield. This Saturday is June 1st already & it won't be long before we see Todd & his custom cutters crew up here in our Big Sky!