Our good friend of the radio station, Griff Bye from up North, was my Puffman Sports Trivia Winner on Saturday morning! Griff was the 1st caller in with the correct answer (Ty Cobb) to my "sports trivia" question & Griff wins the brand new hardback copy of "DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans-No More Gangs in Government" by Jesse Ventura. It seems to me like ol' Jesse has woken up with a case of "tight jaws" as far back as I can remember. And I remember when he was "Jesse-The-Body-Ventura", the world famous wrassler! I also remember when Jesse was the "morning man" at a Minneapolis radio station. From wrestling to radio to politics...what does that say! Well, Jesse says "I remember when this country was all in the same boat-& now it is looking like the Titanic, with the rich folks still dancing on the upper decks". The infamous man from the squared circle takes no prisoners in his latest tome, he covers it all, from the Democrats, Republicans, government salaries, healthcare, retirement benefits, the Postal Service, Iraq & Afghanistan, to the CEO of Wal-Mart. Say what you will about the former Minnesota governor, the guy's colorful with a capital C. His book is available from Skyhorse Publishing, visit www.skyhorsepublishing.com, or check out the major book stores. Congratulations Griff Bye on winning an action packed opinionated read. I'd say more about Jesse, but I fear I might get a knuckle sandwich if I ever run into him!