He's Montana author, Gary A. Wilson, & Gary's out with his new book, "Adventure Tales of Montana's Last Frontier". According to Gary, Montana's legendary frontier lingered longest in the Milk River Country, the wind-swept "H-Line" along the Canadian border. This Havre author vividly chronicles the area's panoramic past that featured Native Americans, fur traders, soldiers, pioneering women, itinerant preachers, cattle barons, & outlaws. Gary Wilson sheds light on some lesser-known figures that made history in towns like Landusky, Havre, Glasgow, & Chinook, on ranches, at Fort Assiniboine, & along the outlaw trail along with such notables as Gabriel Dumont, the Metis rebel who plotted rebellion; "Brother Van" Orsdel, the wide-ranging Methodist missionary; & Red Whip, a great Gros Ventre warrior.Of course the Hi-Line had its share of gunfights & criminals, & readers will find exciting accounts of an 1894 Havre running gun battle, a 1904 Havre crime wave, simultaneous crimes in 1926 that kept the sheriff running between Chinook & Glasgow & various shootouts, hold-ups, & ambushes. AND Donna Whitt & Larry Bonderud think they have problems!  I'll be talking with Gary (he's been a previous guest on the Puffman Show a few years back) tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon at a quarter to 5 on the Puffman Show. Gary will be doing a book signing this Sunday afternoon at the Prairie Peddler here in Shelby from 2 until 4. Check out "Adventure Tales of Montana's Last Frontier" from Riverbend Publishing at: www.riverbendpublishing.com. Too bad that I wasn't around in the old west days...I could have kept a lid on those dangerous desperadoes! I'm the Puffman...I'm not afraid of anything!