The "Dean of Cooking, Leo Pearlstein, Director of Western Research Kitchens, will be joining me this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:45 on the Puffman Show at 4:45 with some "Handy Hints" for your holiday dinner. Leo comes around every Thanksgiving season with some real "Pearls" of wisdom. One of the most memorable moments at any holiday dinner is when a moist, delicious turkey is brought to the table. Everyone grabs their forks at the sight of a perfectly brown bird glistening with juicy flavor. You can make sure your holiday meal is a special one by following some of Leo's simple tips for making the perfect holiday dinner. Leo says you show thaw your turkey in the refrigerator for 24 hours per 5 pounds in weight. For example, a 20 pound bird takes 4 days to thaw. You can thaw it faster by covering Mr. Bird with cold water in the sink & changing the water every half hour per pound of turkey. 'Ol Leo is a fountain of knowledge...we go back years! See you this afternoon at 4:45 to Talk Turkey" with Leo Pearlstein. Over the hills & through the woods to grandmother's house we go. As I like to say, "Don't eat too much turkey".