I hope that most of you have a chance to "put down your labors" today and enjoy this special "end-of-summer"- "start-of-autumn" day. A special salute to all the men and women who ARE working today who are in essential services such as our physicians, doctors, nurses, police and firemen, Labor Day actually began as a Canadian holiday and was later introduced to our country by Peter J. McGuire. McGuire was an American labor leader. Our first American Labor Day was celebrated on this very date (September 5th) back in 1882. According to an Ohio pastor, Labor Day this year finds many American workers unemployed, underemployed or over-employed. The Rev. Troy Jackson says the underemployed may only be working part-time, while the over-employed are having to work several jobs or do the work that two or three people used to do. The Reverend says the while the Bible doesn't specifically talk about organized labor, it does require that workers be treated fairly and with respect. I, for one, feel most blessed and grateful to be fortunate enough to have a job (if you can call being on the radio and having fun a job) and it is my hope that no matter what our political or religious views are, that in the coming year, our economy will grow stronger and that all those seeking work will be able to find it. I feel that the majority of Americans are happy and most fulfilled when they ARE working. I may be naive, but I don't believe that ANYONE enjoys being on dole and at the public trough. Happy Labor Day North Central Montana!