To whoever it was that declared May 15th National Chocolate Chip Day, a great big gooey Thank You!

We can thank Ruth Graves Wakefield for accidentally inventing chocolate chips...or chocolate morsels as Nestles' prefers to call 1937.  It was Mrs Wakefield who ran the Toll House Inn and who, when she discovered she had no baker's chocolate for a batch of her famous Butter Drop Do Cookies, grabbed a Nestle's Semi-Sweet chocolate bar (a gift from Andrew Nestle himself) and crumbled it into the cookie dough. Some of the chunks of chocolate  did not melt completely as the cookies baked. What might have been deemed a failure to the baker was a hit with the Toll House's guests, and soon the Nestle Company was selling chocolate chips....sorry, the bag-full, and each bag still features the original Toll House Cookie recipe. In case that bag of chips in your pantry isn't Nestles' brand, click HERE for the recipe from

Now here's a little mystery to chew on: Mrs. Wakefield invented chocolate chip cookies while trying to mix a batch of Butter Drop Doo cookies, but I cannot find a recipe for Butter Drop Do cookies that lists chocolate as an ingredient!