I'll be heading up to the Marias Heritage Center tomorrow evening (Tuesday) at 6 to share more "Montana History" with some of the Heritage Center residents. First off, I want to thank Marie Ostrem for filling in for me last Tuesday evening. Thank you Marie! We're currently enjoying a book that takes place in both Great Falls and Conrad back in the 1940's. Jayne Pearson Faulkner is the author of this delightful romp in Big Sky Country as young Jayne struggles to find her "place of belonging". "The Place of Belonging" is a beautiful presentation and especially to those of us fortunate to have lived and worked in north central Montana at some time in our lives. For me, it was great reading about both the Top Notch Cafe" and the Dollhouse Beauty Salon not to mention some other familiar landmarks. This is a slice of life that will hit you like a knuckle sandwich! Do you like that? I hope so...it means that the week that I spent at the Amos B. Hoople Institute of Professional Blog Writing last week wasn't wasted. By the way, "The Place of Belonging" by Jayne Pearson Faulkner is available through Carmichael Publishing. I invite you to google it on the net. Later, Puff