That's what Barry Ferguson says & he's the author of the controversial new book, "Warning! Your Healthy Diet May Be Killing You". This book was a year in the making & contains over 360 references from the leading doctors, researchers, nurses & alternative medical field concerning what is happening to our food. I already know what is happening to my food...I'm eating as much of it as possible! I don't see any initials behind this fellow's name, Barry says he's just an ordinary guy with an extraordinary mission..."To help people understand how to put an eating healthy plan into action & bring abundant & long-lasting health in their lives". This little gem exposes all the lies & dirty dealing over the past 50 years or so of how our health was manipulated to such a degree that getting sick is more common that being healthy. Ferguson says many people refuse to believe our food is being attacked but Henry Kissinger revealed the impetus for what is happening to our food today by saying, "Control oil & you control nations, control food & you control the world". If you suspect that the FDA, the giant food manufacturers & big pharma are purposely sabotaging your food, you want to check out this scary read. If you're not scared now, wait until you get a look at the cover! I mean a black cover with a skull & crossbones...what do you think! Look for "Warning! Your Healthy Diet May Be Killing You" at the bookstores or I'll see you later this afternoon after lunch on the Puffman Show.