I received word on "Tall" Todd, the custom harvester fellow, this morning & the "Boys" have moved on to Leoti, Kansas. Todd says the crops are not quite ready as there are green spots in them. Either that, or Todd's seeing spots in front of his eyes! Several nights ago, they experienced hard hail & about 2 inches of rain. The farmers there are "mechanical tilling" their idle ground, as they have Roundup-resistant kochia, caused by using low rates of Roundup & also also possibly using 4 pound Roundup in their application. If they use chemical tillage, the only product that seems to kill the Roundup-resistant kochia is a corn herbicide that costs $60 per acre for application! The crops, which they have cut so far, are NOT great looking & low in yield with 59 pound test weight & once again, the elevators do NOT pay for protein...thus it is not checked. Todd says Denver producers figure they will be ready for harvest on or shortly after the 1st of July. Here in our Golden Triangle, the saw-fly are flying & laying their eggs & the area looks considerably better since ample rain in most areas. Todd figures they should be harvesting soon as the temperature is in the 90's & the wind is curing the crops. I'll keep you posted on my future Puffman Blogs. Meanwhile, I have to take a break for this morning...I'm seeing green spots in my eyes!