The "story" is "The Sara Weaver Story" & her book is "From Ruby Ridge to Freedom". Sara will be joining me this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:30 on the Puffman Show to talk about her book, her life, & her outlook. Sara was a teenager when her little brother was shot & killed by a U.S. Marshal. One day later, her mom was killed in front of her by an FBI sniper over in Naples, Idaho at Ruby Ridge. She survived an 11 day siege & is coming to Cut Bank  to tell her story from her perspective. Sara's book continues with a transformation in her heart that changed the course of her life & she'll be appearing in Cut Bank this Sunday at a ministerial fundraiser at the Cut Bank Civic Center getting underway at 5 Sunday afternoon. The spaghetti dinner & pie auction featuring Sara Weaver is from 5 until 8 in the evening this Sunday & tickets are on sale this week at the local Cut Bank churches. Sara is, of course, the oldest daughter of the infamous Randy Weaver, & she says the reason she is sharing her story is because she has been forgiven by the saving power of her Lord & Savior. Her dad, Randy, came over to Montana along with the famous Bo Gritz back in 1996 to negotiate with the Montana Freemen when the standoff was going on back in 1996. In the years following Ruby Ridge, Sara was hounded by news media & reporters but I won't be hounding her this afternoon. I'm a nice guy...I'm the Puffman! Looking forward to talking with Sara Weaver today at 4:30 & I'm sure Sara is looking forward to meeting all of you this Sunday afternoon in Cut Bank at the Civic Center. Adult tickets are only $5.00 & 5 for children under 4. Check out the book at: It's a page turner!