The Gabby Cabby, Peter Franklin, tells me that his "Joke Du Jour" (his smiler) is NOW the most accessed feature in the People's Republic of China. The Gab Man is actually ON THE RADIO in China too. I feel sorry for the Chinese...I can't understand Pete half the time here...I wonder how they make any sense of his broadcasts in China. None the less, Pete will be joining me this afternoon (Friday) at 4:45 on the Puffman Show. He has an amazing story on how much rent the folks in New York City are paying for apartments these days. Apparently "making the rent" is no big deal for Pete, he makes $700,000 a year. Then again, He IS the Gabby Cabby! I'm not only going to ask the driver of the "Yellow Mobile Conveyance lounge" HOW much rent he pays, but I want to ask him if he's ever had any babies born in his cab. It seems like every other day, some woman somewhere is having a baby anywhere EXCEPT in a hospital. Quite frankly, I have often wondered where Pete WAS born. Sometimes I suspect that he was born on Mars! Looking forward to checking in with Gabby this afternoon. Be sure & check out ALL his True Tales on his website: He also gives great tours of New York City if you're planning on visiting the Big Apple anytime soon.