You think we're have weather problems this winter...New York City officials have had 8,686 complaints of "no heat". That's what Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby/the Wacky Hacky says and he'll be my guest this Thursday afternoon at 4:35 on the Puffman Show. If the more than 8,000 complaints on the heat aren't enough, Pete says snow blower thefts are on the rise in the Big Apple. There's problems in the subways too not to mention the accident between a BMW and a taxi cab. Throw in 80 million dollars missing from the city's payroll and it makes for another hilarious Gabby Cabby broadcast. If he behaves today and doesn't swear, I'll have him on Saturday morning also around 9:30. Pete has offered to come out here again and fill in on my show but he refuses to do commercials so I don't see him hosting any time soon. Check out his website at He also gives tours of New York City but if you call him for a tour, don't mention Shirley Gardipee's name.