According to "Tall" Todd out in west central Kansas (Leoti), there are NO dry land crops that are harvestable in the area; only irrigated pivots & they are a little green. The dry land that IS still harvestable is to the east in the Deighton area, about 60 miles from where they are located. Todd says the pivots look to be around the 30 bushel range & maybe a little better north of Leoti. "Wandering" Walt Hager plowed up all of his winter wheat & "Courageous"  Keith Young has about 1,000 acres of pivots out of about 5,000 total acres. Todd reports that the majority of the crops have been plowed up, NOT chemfallowed out & he thinks this is setting the ground up for tons of blowing dirt. He also said that prospects for fall harvest (corn, milo & beans) looks pretty dismal at this point. Current temperatures are around 105, with some wind with it, but a possible cooling into the 90's in the next few days. Oklahoma had the best wheat so far; "Lonesome" Larry Goyer's crop averaged 27.9 bushels & that is dry land! The Denver crops, according to the Linnenberg's, should be ready around the 10th of July & Todd is planning to move some of the equipment on to Colorado, if the weather does cool down a bit. The heat is hard on tires & loaded speeds are kept to a minimum to prevent premature blowouts! Todd said a severe storm, that lots of wind & hail, went through to the south of them, but there was no moisture in the Leoti area. He said as you go west, toward Tribune, (not to be confused with the Great Falls paper), the crop conditions worsen. It won't be long before Todd & his custom cutter guys head up to our Golden Triangle. I'll keep you posted on my Puffman Blog.