Don't ask me, ask my special guest this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:35 on the Puffman Show. He's Edward Meyer from the world famous Ripley's Believe It or Not and "Easy Ed" us one of my favorite guests ANY time of the year. This afternoon we'll be talking about some strange gift ideas in Ripley's latest claim to fame, "Strikingly True" and it's another winner! Ed has a story about a coffin shaped like a classic car that will also double as a beer cooler until your untimely death. (Stock mine with some Sam Adams Octoberfest!) Ed also has a Ripley's tale about some dust bunnies-sculptures of bunnies made from actual dust along with some banana boxers-Australian undies made from banana peels. Speaking of beer, I want to find out more about that "deep fried beer" that's featured in Ripley's "Strikingly True" which, in my opinion, would be a more than cool Christmas gift in itself. Ed Meyer's some kind of VIP down at Ripley's and he says this "Strikingly True" publication has about 10 weird items that my afternoon audience can actually go out and purchase for Christmas gifts. As I mentioned, Ed's been on my program numerous times and if you ask me, he's every bit as strange as many of the features in a lot of the Ripley's stuff. I mean, what else do you say about a man who obtained a "toe tag" from the late Lee Harvey Oswald when he was resting at that Texas mortuary years ago. As Ripley's like to say, "believe it or not". See you today around 4:30.