As the old song says, "May all aquaint"...wait a minute, I don't even know the words much less how to spell them, but I CAN hear that old Guy Lombardo standard running through my head this week. Here we are, two nights away from New Year's Eve and as Nancy Wilson sings in her old standard, "What are you doing New Year's Eve". Me? For one thing, I want to get my hands on hold of a new and better dictionary. The two I have here at my Puffman Blog desk seem to be lacking quite a few words. Mainly, most of the ones I need to spell and I'm not certain why the spell check doesn't work on my blogs. That said, there will be more than enough for most of us to do this New Year's weekend. Up in Browning, there's a New Year's Mass Saturday evening at 6:30 at the Little Flower Parish with a reception to follow. Earlier in the day in Sunburst, Mass is scheduled at 4 at St. Thomas Aquinas. St. Margaret in Cut Bank will have their mass at 6 Saturday night and it's going to be followed by potluck, SONGS, living rosary and adoration until 9. I hope during the songs that they sing "Old Ang"...forget it. I can't spell that one or find it in my two dictionaries. Holy Day Sunday Masses on New Year's day include St. Francis-Valier at 9:30 and St. William here in Shelby at 11:30. Hopefully Saturday night, you'll have time to catch Mike Harvey's special New Year's Eve Solid Gold program with his infamous countdown at midnight as the old year fades away and 2012 comes roaring in. Not only is 2012 an "even numbered" year, which in my mind is a good omen, but it's also a leap year with an extra day in February. I wish I had an extra dictionary here instead of an extra day. Regardless, here's wishing all of our listeners on KSEN AM 1150 and KZIN FM 96.7 a happy, wonderful, and prosperous New Year. You all are the best listeners in the world and it's our pleasure to continue to serve you. Happy New Year Golden Triangle.