I interviewed funnyman Pat Cooper this morning and my ears are still ringing. I think I will play the interview back this afternoon at 4:30. Cooper has done it all starting with the Jackie Gleason show. He's worked with all the big showtime folks including Connie Francis, Bobby Darin, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr, Sinatra...and now me, The Puffman.

Pat's an excitable Italian and he spent most of the interview screaming. That's Pat style. I haven't heard this much screaming since I attending Joe and Josie Computo's 50th wedding anniversary and there were about 100 Italians in the same room  and they were all screaming.They weren't angry, they were happy but none the less, they were all screaming. It must be in their genes.

Bottom line is: Pat's a funny guy and after 60 some years, he's got the tight jaws where his first wife and his kids are concerned.  He even looks angry on the cover of the book. I warned him that the Puffman Show is a G Rated deal and to watch the language because I don't need the aggravation.  You think they swore a lot on the Sopranos, read Pat Cooper's "How Dare You Say How Dare Me".

Pat was a gracious guest and I'm not sure how much of his "anger" is an act but in my opinion, he's more than interesting and entertaining.  Then again, I'm a fan of "Family Guy". Not only that but how can you not like a man who's still mad at Johnny Carson and Dean Martin!