I'm blogging about a riveting new psychological thriller that I just read during my week off, & I loved it, I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN!! I would describe it as a "romp" but I'm not sure if "romp" would be the proper term for a practical Seattle school teacher suddenly haunted by psychic dreams connecting her to the TWISTED exploits of a serial killer on the loose! Will she be next? That's what kept me wondering while reading this potboiler from Seattle's Pamela Proehl. Pamela will be my special guest tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon at 4:30 on the Puffman Show. I found her over in Missoula this week where she'll be doing a "Fact & Fiction Book Signing Event on Friday afternoon from 2 until 4 at 220 North Higgins Avenue in Missoula. She'll also be taping a television interview that will air on July 11th on KTMF TV's "Wake Up Montana" with Terri Elander (ABC 23). Why wait until July 11th to SEE her when you can HEAR her tomorrow afternoon on the Puffman Show. Besides, her picture is on the back of the book! "The Heartbreak Killer" allows us to travel through the unraveling of a mystery that takes you, the reader, from murder, to love, to deception, & finally to a truth so shocking & a secret so unimaginable that it leaves all who are involved shaken to the core. I'm experiencing an anxiety attack just thinking about the book. In my opinion, it's a WINNER & a really fun, entertaining read! Check out "The Heartbreak Killer" from Xlibris Corporation at www.Xlibris.com & check out Pam & Puff tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 on KSEN AM 1150.