No doubt about it. Spring is getting ready to...well, er...spring. The second Sunday in March is always the time we "spring ahead" our clocks that were set behind last fall. This tells me that come NEXT Saturday night, we will all be turning the hands of time one hour ahead. This is ONE of the things that makes me, I'm the Puffman, realize that spring really is on the way. Arbor Day will be celebrated here in Shelby the last Friday of next month (4/27/12) with the city of Shelby scheduling a "Shelby Clean-up Week", April 23rd through May 4th. The City is already encouraging all students, citizens, service groups, clubs and businesses to consider giving some of their time to participate. Why not select one of our city parks, baseball fields, fence lines, roadways or even pick an area of Shelby that could stand a good cleaning. (don't look at my desk!) Our Community Economic Development Director, Lorette Carter will be putting together a sign-up list to section out areas to clean. Lorette's reachable at 424 8799 or on e-mail at As the Shelby news letter proclaims, "Together, we can all continue to make Shelby a great place to live, work and raise our families. You'll have to excuse me now, I'm going to start cleaning up my desk!