No doubt about it. I know that it's spring and one way I know for sure is when the lenten lunches are taking place here in Shelby. Easter Sunday is only one week away (the Sunday after THIS Sunday) and St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Shelby will be hosting this week's lenton lunch tomorrow (Thursday) at noon. Most all the churches take part every year. Last week's gathering was at St. Williams Catholic Church and I believe the Shelby Baptist Church the week before. I had an opportunity to attend the very first one this year at Shelby Methodist. This is a wonderful opportunity to get together with family and friends and spend a delightful hour together. Not only that, but from my experience, it's probably the healthiest lunch you'll have all week. The soup, sandwiches, salads are good for you and what is even better is breaking bread with good friends and neighbors. It's part of what living here in the Golden Triangle is all about. See you at noon tomorrow at St. Luke's Lutheran.