He did do it! So the butler did..."The Butler Did It" by Walter and Peter Marks, is the upcoming production for the directors and cast of the Pondera Players. The Critics call this comedy/thriller "smart and diabolically clever" and opening night is one week from this coming Thursday in Conrad. "The Butler Did It" will run for three nights, opening Thursday, January 19th. Thursday will be for the show ONLY but there's dinner theater the next two nights, Friday and Saturday, January 20th & 21st. I'm the Puffman and I'm looking forward to show directors Wayne Reynolds and Jodi Kassner stopping by on the Puffman Show tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at 2:30. They're bringing along Lisa Hanson and I can't wait to hear more about this Pondera Players production. By the way, the Pondera Players are doing the production at Norley Hall in Conrad and there will be limited seating on all three nights. Tickets for the Thursday performance can be purchased at either Olsen's Drug or Village Drug in Conrad for $10. The Friday and Saturday night tickets are available at the Conrad Public Library. All three performances will benefit the Pondera Medical Center with a portion of the proceeds going to help with the Bridge Restoration Project. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are most fortunate indeed to have this caliber of entertainment available here in the Golden Triangle. The cast of this comedy/thriller includes veteran actors Colin Veitch, Dick Kinyon, Wendy Paulsen and Dave Weis. Sarah Kimkowski and Shane Turner are making their initial appearance with the Pondera Players for "The Butler Did It". I often consider myself some sort of "thespian" myself so I'm sending out a hearty "break a leg for me" on my daily blog.