Last week on my Puffman Blog, I blogged that we would FINALLY reading the final chapter in the book we're currently reading during "Montana History" Tuesday evenings up at the Marias Heritage Center. I was wrong! This sago will never end! Actually it should & it WILL(!) tomorrow evening (Tuesday) for sure. There are only 4 or 5 pages we didn't quite get to when the bell rang last week. Tomorrow night, I'll finish up those remaining pages & there truly will be "Nothing To Tell", & for me, it can't come too soon. While I thought it a good book, I became somewhat tired of hearing the same old story over & over again as these 12 women in the book talked about their life in early day Montana. All is in all, it was interesting but I mean, how many times do you have to read, "we washed clothes by hand & there weren't very good roads". Oh yeah, "it got cold"! Good stories none the less & all in all, a good book but like many movies & TV shows, there IS a time to end. I've heard people say the same thing about my afternoon radio program! On a happier note,this morning I received a neat new book edited by Ray Djuff (Djuff & Puff, I like it!) & Chris Morrison. Their beautiful presentation is entitled "Glacier From the Inside Out-Best stories from The Inside Trail" & I'm ready to ride! These stories are 1st person accounts covering a century of park history as told by those who know glorious Glacier best, the insiders. They tell of coming-of-age experiences in a mountain paradise, of characters past & present, & of lessons learned to last a lifetime> The book is available from The Glacier Park Foundation & I'm looking forward to sharing it tomorrow evening at 6 at "Montana History" up at the Heritage. As long as the characters in this new read don't start complaining about the wash, the roads, & the weather, I'm cool.