I'm looking forward to returning to the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby this evening (Tuesday) to read some more Montana History. I'll be anxious to find out how the Heritage residents spent and enjoyed their 4th of July holiday. I'm also anxious to pick up where we left off last week with W. J. Yenne's "Switchback" book. Yenne's the guy who spent most of his life working and after retirement, volunteering in Glacier National Park. "Switchback" more than captures Bill's 50 years in the mountains of Montana and the West. Yenne had to be some kind of genius as he always appeared on the trails "clean shaven" because he had rigged up a razor powered by an alarm clock spring or something. The last fellow I knew about that could attempt a feat of this nature was Jerry Black when he used to hook up equipmentv here at the radio station. Black had nothing on Yenne although he always appeared clean shaven as well. Looking forward to more Montana History this evening at six at the Marias Heritage Center. And, how was your 4th(!)?