I've been called a "real card" a time or two & often times "the joker"! No joke about it, it's time for more cards & fun this Monday up at the Marias Heritage Center. Their community card party is set for 1:30 Monday afternoon & it always a fun way to spend a chilly December afternoon. They play a variety of games & there's no charge. All of us here in the community are always invited. Speaking of the Heritage Center, Tuesday night is "Montana History" & this week my good friend Marie Ostrem will be filling in for me in the "reader's chair". Marie will continue with our book "My Home's In Montana" by Kareen Bratt, a former Fort Benton area woman who grew up on a nearby wheat ranch in the 1940's. No matter what the day, there's always something fun to enjoy at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. Thank you Marie & I look forward to returning the week of the 17th.