I think everyone knows, I'm a Cut Bank Wolf Fan, I've been a fan since my eldest daughter started kindergarten there in 1996.  I'm proud of the people I know there, proud to be a part of the community and I'm proud of Brian Kavanagh.  He's a good coach and, in my opinion, a good guy.  He's helping to develop young men that will lead our community in the future.

According to Kavanagh in a recent article in the Cut Bank Pioneer Press:

The 2010-11 season is in the books. While some people, myself included, will have a hard time forgetting “The Call,” I’m not going to let it overshadow what this team accomplished. I’m extremely proud of our kids. They played their hearts out and did everything they could to get themselves and the Cut Bank community another trip to the state tournament.

Thanks Brian.  I think I speak for most of the people in our community, when I say we're proud of you and the team you built!  Read the whole article HERE