I'll be back up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby reading "Montana History" again this evening (Tuesday). Recently it was reported that the infamous Going To The Sun Highway would be opening later than normal this year due to the government "sequester" but I guess some bucks came through to open the famed highway at the usual time this spring. Speaking of Glacier, we're currently enjoying the book, "Glacier From the Inside Out-Best stories from "The Inside Trail" put together by Ray Djuff (it rhymes with Puff!) & Chris Morrison. It's a really neat read as all the stories in the book are the 1st person accounts covering a century of park history as told by those who know glorious Glacier best, the insiders. They share their coming-of-age experiences in a mountain paradise, of characters past & present, & of lessons learned to last a lifetime. All in all, from what we have read at the Heritage thus far, it was a blast working up at the park in the summers at all the majestic rustic hotels. Each former employees weaves a cool tale & if this book doesn't make the reader want to hire on there as a bellboy, it surely spurs the reader to take a spin over to Glacier 1st opportunity this spring & summer. We are so fortunate here in the Golden Triangle to have this splendid paradise right in our own back yard! You can almost smell the cool fresh mountain air as you get into the book. We'll be enjoying more of it tonight at the Heritage Center beginning at 6 o'clock in the sun room. We're currently reading the recollections of John Dobbertin who worked at Glacier Park Lodge back in 1962-63 when he served as a Don Hummel's PR man at the park. By the way, Don Hummel's Glacier Park, Inc. owned & operated the former Great Northern Railway hotels in Glacier from 1960 to 1981, when GPI was sold. It is now owned by a division of Viad Corp. of Phoenix, Arizona. See you tonight for some more "arm chair traveling" at the Marias Heritage Center. I'll be sitting in the easy chair.