I'm blogging about the "Pitch Tournament" coming up this Saturday at the Alibi Lounge here in Shelby. The pitch tournament kicks off at noon & runs until the fun is done! Pitch, of course, is a card game that can be played by 2 to 7 players, both individually or in teams. The deal is to get certain cards to gain points...& I thought our Radio Race Track was fun! I think one of the funnest parts of pitch is when they allow a "Shoot the Moon Bid. This old "Shoot the Moon" bid can WIN or LOSE the pitch game if you achieve it OR lose it. All this fun Saturday afternoon is for a really good cause...our Prairie Oasis Animal Shelter here in Shelby which has done so much for our 4 legged friends over the past few years. You're encouraged to pre-register at the Alibi at 11:30 this Saturday morning. See you Saturday at the Alibi & "Shoot the Moon" for me, I'm the Puffman.