Shane Bishop, National Producer for NBC Dateline is joining me this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:35 on the Puffman Show to fill us in on the special NBC Dateline broadcast scheduled for THIS Sunday evening at 6 on NBC-Helena. Besides being a National Producer and getting to work with the world famous Keith Morrison, Shane is a Conrad area native who's ended up in the "Big Time". This Sunday's NBC Dateline features one of the favorite stories of both Shane and Morrison dealing with the Barry Beach saga here in Montana. Shane tells me that the broadcast this Sunday has the latest scoop on Beach along with the latest developments with this ongoing story. Keith Morrison and Shane will be live tweeting @DatelineNBCProd and @dateline_keith and talking about the Beach case during this Sunday evening's broadcast. I know many of you are as fascinated with this case as I am...I'm the Puffman... and I can't wait to talk with Shane this afternoon and then watch the two hour Dateline this Sunday night on NBC at 6. Years back, Shane and I worked in the same radio-TV market back east. He went on to New York, I came out here to Shelby to "Save The Radio Station"!