There will be...this afternoon (Monday) at 4:35 here on the Puffman Show. I read about this female physician several weeks back in the Great Falls Tribune. She's Dr. Therese Zink and Dr. Zink practices medicine in Zumbrota, Minnesota. I've never been to Zumbrota but I have a good friend who lives there. The town's about the size of Shelby and has a covered bridge. We don't have a stop light (see Mayor Larry Bonderud on this one) much less a covered bridge but we do have a viaduct! So much for Zumbrota. Dr. Zink has put together a great read. It's "The Country Doctor Revisited-A Twenty-First Century Reader." I started reading this book this weekend and found it hard to put down. It's a fascinating collection of essays, poems, and short stories written by rural health care professionals on the experiences of doctors and nurses practicing medicine in rural environments, such as farms, reservations, and migrant camps. The stories explore the benefits and burdens of new technology, the dilemmas in making e sound ethically decisions, and the trials of caring for patients in a broken system. Alternately compelling, thought provoking, and moving, they speak of the diversity of rural health care providers, the range of patients served in rural communities, the variety of settings that comprise the rural United States, and the resources and challenges facing both health care providers and patients today. The stories are fascinating and one wants to read more and more. I'm looking forward to meeting the author, Dr. Therese Zink, this afternoon on KSEN. I'll try not to bother her with too many of my own health problems.