Puff here & I AM a train "buff". I enjoy railroading & have since I've been a kid & my father used to take me down to the Great Northern & Milwaukee Depots in Great Falls to watch the trains come in. I recall both the Empire Builder & the Western Star from the Great Northern along with the infamous yellow & orange Hiawatha on the Milwaukee line. I even remember watching the steam trains in the late 40's & early 50's right before the diesels came onto the scene. I "look younger" than I really am! There's going to be an organizational meeting for the Northern Chapter of Model Trains coming up this Saturday morning down in Conrad in the Conrad Library backroom. All trains buffs are encouraged & welcome to attend...the meeting begins at 10. As our mayor, His Worship, the Honorable Larry J. Bonderud, likes to say, "Run to the roundhouse, they'll never corner you there"! All aboard for Conrad this Saturday morning. By the way, if you'd like information about the Great Northern Railway Historical Society & would be interesting in reading their publication, "The Great Northern Goat", feel free to contact me here at the radio station.