The Cub Scout Air Band will be performing this evening down in Conrad at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre. Tonight's performance is scheduled to start at 6:30 & it should befamily friendly fun event & a great way to warm up on a cold, cold February evening. The admission will be a can of food & $2 per person. Your entire family can get in for a $5 admission. You're encouraged to help out the food bank & support our Cub Scouts. I was a Cub Scout myself when I was a kid & my mom was a Den Mother. I still remember when little Tommy Triplet dumped a pan of brownies over her head! Some of the best days in my life were in Cub Scouts & look how good I turned out...I'm the Puffman. See you at 6:30 this evening to enjoy the Cub Scout Air Band at the Orpheum in Conrad. It's in the air!